MATERIA BRASIL & ENGAGE is the translation of a collaborative design process into the digital era. This project born from Materia Brasil and Engage to share and define new sustainable productions, involving the worldwide community in a collaborative process.

Participating in the Mineo with my concept of micro rocking chair that has been selected through an online vote from global community.

fter this first step we worked on site for several months and with a multi-disciplinary equipe to develop the products and improve them with the feedbacks of the community. The results of this process, showed below, are two rocking products: the first is a micro rocking chair and the second is a rocking stool.

We developed a production that reduce almost to zero the waste, with organic materials and recycled raw materials.

Dimensions count! Considering the design process in the environmental impact perspective, we reduce the dimension of the products to reduce since the early stages of the development their impacts.